Isnin, Februari 08, 2010

Taiwan Planters protest against China Mushroom

Many Chinese mushroom products are sold at a lower price by disguises as those made in Taiwan, the Taiwan Mushroom Research and Development Association (TMRDA) said yesterday, according to a report of Liberty Times.
Chen Tsung-ming, director-general of TMRDA, and its member Hou Wen-liang jointly noted with the package of mushrooms priced at NT$399 that the climate of Taiwan is not hospitable to flower mushrooms, therefore, its price are much higher than mushrooms from abroad. It is not usual to see Taiwan mushrooms at such a low price, added Chen.
In response to the accusation, personnel of Won-Lai-Won Enterprise Organization, which put these mushrooms on sale, said firmly that they are 100% sure these mushrooms are made in Taiwan and the accusation is groundless.
However, Hsu Liang-hsing, head of the promotion unit of Kuantian Farmer’s Association, also confirmed that they don’t plant mushrooms in Kuantian.
Chen noted that at least over 25% of mushrooms in Taiwan market are from China. China mushrooms come to Taiwan through transit trade in containers of Southeast Asian countries and smuggling. A much lower price sharpens its competitive edge in Taiwan market.
Furthermore, in the market of processed products, more than 70% of oil rice, rice dumplings, pork balls and the like consist of China mushrooms to the detriment of the profits of Taiwan mushrooms planters, Chen added.

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