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Black Poplar Mushroom

Black poplar mushroom (Agrocybe aegerita) 

Black poplar mushroom can be cultivated on stumps and logs inoculated with plug or grain spawn.Wood of poplar, willow, maple, cottonwood and other hardwoods is appropriate for cultivation. 

Black poplar mushroom has a nutty flavor and a crunchy texture which make it a popular edible and medicinal mushroom. 

Mushrooms should be picked before the veil breaks in this way also their shelf life is prolonged. Conifer wood is not suitable for cultivation. 


Growth parameters for black poplar mushrooms (Agrocybe aegerita)

Substrate colonization
temperature21 - 27 oC optimal, slower at lower temperatures
lightnot needed
duration6 - 12 months (depends of the wood type used)
Primordia formation
temperature10 – 16 oC, strain dependent
relative humidity95 - 100 %
duration7 - 14 dni
lightdiffuse light necessary
Mushroom formation
temperature13 – 18  oC, strain dependent
relative humidity90 - 95 %
duration4 - 6 days
lightnecessary (no direct sunlight!)

Ni namanya Black Poplar Mushroom atau dalam bahasa melayunya "Cendawan Berangan", buat masa ni hanya C & C aje yang tanam cendawan ni.

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